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Get free, valuable information before speaking to an adjuster or hiring a Personal Injury lawyer for your case.


What do I say to the insurance adjuster who has called? 

  • If an adjuster has called, get our FREE book NOW WHAT? before talking to the adjuster. It is loaded with answers.
  • You have no obligation to talk to the other guy's insurance adjuster. Read Now What?  before speaking to the adjuster.
  • Search for "adjuster" on the website for other answers, too.


How do I find the best lawyer for my injury case? 

  • Check out the lawyer's credentials - does she have experience helping people who have YOUR kind of problem?
  • Ask others about her - what is her reputation in the community?
  • Call her office and find out how you are treated.


How do I get my medical bills paid?

  • The answer to this question is different for every injured person - it depends on what kinds of insurance you have.
  • Check out our FAQs. You may find the answer among the 60+ insurance questions on the website.


Check out our website. You will find answers to many of your questions and learn about how we practice at Rohrstaff Law Firm. Our goal is to provide the very best legal representation possible to our clients who have been injured or have lost family members in wrongful death. We believe the way to do that is to treat our clients like we would want to be treated if we needed help with the legal system.

On our website, you will find informative videos, articles and offers for free books. If your questions are not answered on our website, you may want to call us at 703-260-6070 or use the CONTACT US form on the right. You may also want to email us at [email protected].

The best thing you can do is get the best information you can. And then act on it.


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