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Another Error That Can Be Fatal To Your Injury Case

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Believing everything the insurance company tells you can hurt your case.

You were injured in a collision. It wasn't your fault. An adjuster from the other driver's insurance company calls you. The adjuster is nice. He sounds reasonable, willing to "help" you. 

THINK ABOUT IT: You are speaking to someone who represents the other driver’s insurance company. If it really was his driver's fault and you really are injured, is he really "on your side?"


He tells you he can help you more easily get the case settled if you will sign some documents that allow the company to get information it needs to evaluate your claim. He wants you to sign a “release” so the company can get your medical records.

THINK ABOUT IT: Your medical records are, well, YOUR medical records. You can get them yourself by asking your health care providers for them. Often, the release offered to you by the insurance company allows it to get all your medical records, including those that you might want to keep more private and are not needed to prove your injury.


The adjuster says he can offer you a certain amount of money if you accept his offer as soon as possible.

THINK ABOUT IT: What is the insurance company’s “job”? It has a duty to its shareholders, the owners of the company, to minimize the amount of money the company pays you for the injury its insured caused. If it can get that number down to $0, it is a good day. The insurance company wants you to take the money it offers as soon as possible, before you know the long range effects of your injuries, because once you take its money, your case is over. You cannot go back and get more, even if it turns out your injury was much worse than you thought early on.


Many adjusters are nice people. They have a job to do. They have been trained to do their job. But, their job is not looking out for your best interests.


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