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Why does my dentist delay treatment and cancel appointments? What can I do to move the process along?


Have a frank discussion with your dentist. Ask him why this is happening. It is important for you to understand -- and your dentist should not hesitate to tell you.

Dental treatments often take place in stages, spreading out over several months or even a year or more.  Express your concerns to your dentist and  make you understand the reason for the delay. 

Canceling appointments is cause for a different kind of concern. The dentist should have a treatment plan that he can explain to you. Although an ocasional cancellation is reasonable, he should not "keep on" canceling appointments.  

If your dentist's explanation is not satisfactory, or if he is evasive or unable to explain his plan for your treatment., you should seek a second opinion.  The most important thing is to be confident in the work that is being done and fully informed about the treatment plan—if this is not happening you are likely better off with a different dentist.

If you want to find out if your dentist negligently injured you, contact a Virginia dental malpractice lawyer. Contact ROHRSTAFF LAW FIRM for a free evaluation. You can call 703-260-6070 or contact us by filling out the contact form on the right. You should find out if the a legal remedy is available to you.