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I found out that the guy who hit me has no insurance. How can I get repaid for my injuries?


Even if the other driver who was at fault in the car accident does not have insurance, you may still be able to be compensated for your injuries if YOU have the right kind of insurance. Yes, you.

If you bought UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED (UM/UIM) motorist coverage, your own insurance company will take the place of the other guy's liability insurance. (You will still have to prove the other driver was at fault, and your own insurance company will "act like" it's not on your side. However, having your own protection is better than not having any insurance available at all.)

I have written about this important insurance elsewhere. Here is where you can find the article I wrote with a link to the Alexandria Times UM/UIM article (my article is on page 21 of this pdf file) published in July 2012, and here is where you can find the article about  UM/UIM insurance in the Rohrstaff Law Firm website.

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