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I just got new crowns/veneers, and I'm in pain and cannot chew or speak properly. Should I call a lawyer?


No, do not call a lawyer. The first step is to express your dissatisfaction to the dentist who did the work.  Dentists do not have to be perfect - and none is. Good dentists will want to fix the problem. That said, not being able to eat or speak properly are serious symptoms that should be addressed immediately. If your dentist refuses to acknowledge these complications or fails to make an attempt to correct them, you need to take action and find a dentist who can correct the work.You will need to either collect your records yourself and bring them to the new dentist, or ask that the new dentist take care of this for you.

Perhaps the next step is to contact an attorney. It is far more important to have your health concerns addressed than to look into bringing a legal claim.  The priority should be finding a new dentist who can correct the work.   Once this is done you may then want to contact a lawyer to look into whether what the first dentist did was malpractice.

Finding the right lawyer who can help you decide if you have a dental malpractice case is as important as finding the right dentist to take care of your teeth. But finding the right lawyer comes after you are on you have found someone to correct your dental work.