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If I am crossing a street and walking in the crosswalk, don't I have the right of way?


Maybe, but maybe NOT. If the crosswalk is controlled by a "WALK-DON'T WALK" signal, and you are walking against the WALK signal, then you do not have the right of way.

Walking with the WALK signal does give you the right of way, and traffic is supposed to yield to you. But, you still have a responsibility. You must be careful. For instance, you may see a car turning right as you are about to step off the curb to cross. Although you legally have the right of way, you would be foolish to intentionally step out in front of the car. 

In Virginia, even if a pedestrian is in a crosswalk and has the right of way, if she is hit by a car, she may not be able to be repaid for her injuries if she was not being careful while crossing.

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