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Should I stay with my dentist if I think he has messed up my mouth? What if he can’t fix it?


You are never required to stay with your dentist if you think he will not or cannot provide the treatments you need or is mishandling your care in any way.  Simply ask for a referral or find another dentist on your own who you believe can do a better job.  Request your records, billing, and radiographs from your current dentist dentist to give to the next dentist, so she will know what treatment you have had and how to best proceed. Your dentist is required to give you copies of your records. You may have to pay for copies, but you are entitled to them regardless of whether you think your case has been mishandled.  

Here are some other things to think about:

  • Switching dentists in the middle of treatment may not always be the best idea. Certain steps in your treatment may may be difficult to complete if interrupted.  Also,you may experience significant pain, discomfort, and other risks if you do not proceed with treatment promptly. 
  • Talk with your current dentist about your concerns before making any decisions. Ask questions and get answers that are satisfactory before making a decision to switch to another treater. 
  • That said, if you have lost confidence in your dentist, you should not hesitate to seek help elsewhere. If you are not satisfied that you are getting appropriate care, there is nothing wrong with deciding to seek a second opinion or switch dentists altogether.

If you believe your dentist has harmed you, contact a dental malpractice lawyer to find out if the law could provide a remedy to compensate you for the damage that was done. Contact Rohrstaff Law Firm for a free evaluation of your potential claim. Call 703-260-6070, or fill out the contact form on our website.