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My dentist pulled the wrong tooth. What options do I have to fix this?


When the wrong tooth is extracted and cannot be put back in, or an attempt to do so fails, the only permanent solution is to have either an implant and crown placed, or possibly some other prosthetic device.  The implant and crown is, for most people, the most permanent result and the most like having a natural tooth in place. 

Of course, you will then also be faced with the extraction of the original tooth that DID need to be removed and the procedures related to fixing that problem.  In most cases this happens only because of a mistake on the part of the dentist or his staff. With such an obvious mistake, the dentist may offer to cover the cost of the additional procedures needed to correct the problem.  If not, you should consult an attorney.  

There is nothing like having your own natural teeth, which are permanently lost when a mistake like this occurs.  However, without any additional complications, legal action is likely not appropriate. Not every mistake benefits from bringing a legal action when the damages are relatively minor.  Many attorneys are reluctant to take cases when damages are under a certain amount for economic reasons. Investigating what happened, finding an expert to verify the mistake and testify, filing a lawsuit, and then going through the litigation process to take the case to trial can cost more in time and money than would justify bringing the case in the first place.