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My elderly mother had a fall and is in the hospital. She must go to a nursing home for rehab when she gets out. I need to find the right one fast. How do I do that?


Here are some things to keep in mind if you must place your elderly family member in a nursing home for rehabilitation.

1.  START EARLY to get information. If there has been an injury, start immediately to investigate options for rehab after discharge. Do not wait until she has to be moved from the hospital - a time of added stress for you and your mother.

2.  VISIT THE FACILITY you are considering. Use your senses. What do you hear, see, smell? How is the staff interacting with the residents? Does the facility smell clean? Are employees friendly and engaging with residents and visitors? Are there alarms going off that no one is answering?

3.  ASK QUESTIONS. How many beds? What kinds services are provided? What options are there for your mother's rehab? How long is she expected to stay? 

4. PARTICIPATE IN THE CARE PLANNING. Your mother may not be the best reporter right now, so help the caregivers understand who she is so they can accommodate her needs.