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I can't feel my lip or tongue after oral surgery. Is this normal?


Having a numb lip or tongue after oral surgery may not be normal.

Although these symptoms may happen right after surgery, they should only be temporary.   If you have lingering numbness or loss of control over any part of your lips, face, tongue or jaw, tell your dentist and take appropriate steps to see if it can be resolved. 

If you are told there is nothing that can be done or the treatments you received do not solve the problem - or cause other, unexpected difficulties - you may have a serious, permanent injury that no dentist can cure. If the dentist who performed the procedure was careless in his treatment, he may be held responsible for the damages he caused. A Virginia dental malpractice attorney can evaluate the facts of your treatment and injury and advise you about whether you have a claim that should be made against the dentist. Rohrstaff Law firm will evaluate your case for free. Contact the firm by calling 703-260-6070 or contact us using the form on the right.