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The other driver was given a ticket, and I was told about the date of the hearing. I will have to miss work if I go to the hearing. Must I go to court for the hearing?


Yes. If the other driver was charged with a traffic violation, it was because the police officer concluded s/he had violated a traffic law. However, unless the police officer personally witnesses the crash, the only way to prove what happened in court is for you to testify.

Furthermore, if you are subpoenaed by the Commonwealth's Attorney to appear in court, you must appear. A subpoena is a court order and you should not violate a court order. You will feel more comfortable at the traffic hearing if you speak to a lawyer beforehand.

In many jurisdictions, the court has an online system that you can access to find out if the other driver has prepaid the ticket. If so, you will not have to go to court.

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