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What if my doctor or hospital refuses to bill my health insurance after I was injured in a car accident?


The hospital is supposed to take you health insurance coverage in payment of your hospital bill. The same is true for a doctor who has a contract with your insurance company.

But, more and more doctors and hospitals are trying to get around the requirement that they accept the lower, negotiated fee required by their contract with the insurance company. Why? Because if you have car insurance and have medical expense benefits (sometimes called medpay or medical payment benefits), the health care provider can get the full amount of its bills! It will not be limited by its prior arrangement with your health insurance company.

That's not right and it's not fair. What can you do? CALL YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY! It may be willing to step in and "encourage" the provider to stop the practice.

If you need help getting your provider to submit your bills to your health insurance company, you may want to speak to a lawyer who can speak on your behalf.

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