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What is a contingency fee?


Many lawyers charge clients hundreds of dollars per hour for the work the lawyer does. However, most people who are injured or whose loved one dies because of another person's carelessness cannot afford to pay a lawyer by the hour.

Contingency fees allow anyone injured at the hands of someone else to bring a lawsuit without having to pay a lawyer upfront or hourly as the lawyer works on the case. In CONTINGENCY fee arrangements, the lawyer and client agree that the lawyer will accept a portion of the money she is able to recover on behalf of the client at the end of the case. If the lawyer recovers nothing, she does not get any fee at all.

See the video above for more explanation of contingency fees. Or give us a call at 703-260-6070 or contact us by filling out the CONTACT US form at the right, and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

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