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Why am I being referred? My dentist says that he cannot do what needs to be done; should I be concerned?


It is a common practice for general dentists to refer out certain cases to specialists who are more familiar with a particular aspect of dentistry. Having the work done by a specialist helps ensure that it is completed to the highest standard possible. 

In complicated cases, several specialists may be involved in the care of a single patient.  For instance, when a tooth requires a root canal and a restoration, your general dentist may feel that an endodontist and prosthodontist are required to properly fix the problem. On the other handmany general dentists are also capable of doing some of the care typically done by specialists. 

The bottom line is, whether your dentist does it himself or refers the case to a specialist, does not show incompetence. However,  talk to your dentist about concerns you have if you question whether he is the right person to perform a specific treatment. He should not be offended that you want your teeth to be as healthy as possible. If he is, you might take that as a sign that you would be better off being referred elsewhere.