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Why can't I find a lawyer to help me with my property damages claim?

Except in rare occasions, it doesn't make any sense for you to hire a lawyer to help you with a property damage claim. Why? Because you would have to pay the lawyer out of your own pocket, which means you would get even less money for your car.

Insurance companies do not pay any more for your property damage claim than the dollar-for-dollar cost , and they are not going to pay your lawyer to try to get more money.

One reason lawyers can earn a fee on personal injury cases is that more often than not the insurance company compensates you for the other losses you have suffered over and above your medical expenses and lost wages you are entitled to recover (pain and suffering, aggravation, etc.), so there are funds over and above your out-of-pocket expenses with which to pay your lawyer. That's not the case in property damages cases. People who have been in car accidents usually decide not to take on the extra out-of-pocket expense of hiring a lawyer for their property damage claim.
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