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Burns hurt, especially children. Children need special attention after burn injuries.

Injuries from burns are the second most common cause of death in children, just behind motor vehicle crashes. Thousands of children are hospitalized or die every year from burn injuries. Burns are not only horribly painful, they are dangerous to very young children, whose systems can easily be compromised by serious burns. For children who survive a burn injury, recuperation and recovery can be slow and painful, and the child is often left with emotional and physical scars.

Many burn injuries happen in a child's home and in the homes of day-care providers. Burns can be caused by kitchen-stove flames or by scalding liquids. A child can also be burned by combustible agents, chemicals, and electricity.

Taking immediate action after a child has suffered a burn injury is often the single most important thing you can do to give a child a chance to survive and recover. Click here [LINK] to get a FREE REPORT, "How To Prevent Childhood Burn Injuries," prepared by The Rohrstaff Law Firm.

If you are the parent, guardian, or concerned family member of a child who has suffered a burn injury or who has died as a result of a burn injury in Virginia, you should act immediately and contact a Virginia child burn injury lawyer whom you can trust to protect the rights of the injured child or their family. The Rohrstaff Law Firm is experienced in helping to protect the rights of children and their family members.
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