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Day Care Center Injuries

While it may be true that nothing can take the place of one or both parents' being at home to care for their children, the fact is that many parents need good day-care arrangements for their children. Needless to say, no parent should have to find out that the place where they took their child was responsible for that child's death.

A child may be injured at a day-care center by poorly trained or supervised employees. Or a day care center may not have enough employees to properly care for and watch over the number of children entrusted to them, especially during periods of outdoor play.

Some day care centers provide pick-up services. Unfortunately, putting a child in a motor vehicle increases the chances of things going wrong. The driver of the van can cause a crash, or another driver can cause a crash with the van. In either case, your child could be injured. The driver can also leave your child inside the van, where he or she will be exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Surprisingly, cases of children being left in cars aren't all that rare. The Virginia Department of Social Services, the state agency that licenses day-care facilities, knows that children have been left in vehicles by their day-care providers; the agency requires day-care staff to verify that all children are accounted for at the end of each trip. Nevertheless, it has recorded eleven instances since January 2007 in which that code requirement was violated-and that was only the cases they discovered during their inspections. These numbers represent violations that were recorded at licensed day care centers, and don't include home day-care, certified preschools, children's residential facilities, or religious-exempt day-care facilities which are covered by other regulations. Virginia day care centers are subject to surprise inspections at least twice each year.

Evidently, that's not enough.

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