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Pedestrian and Bicycle Injuries

Our bodies are made to move, and children seem to just "know" that. They find wonderful, gleeful ways to move-walking, running, jumping, skipping, biking, skating. But when children on foot or on bikes mix with cars, the children often lose.

Children are not miniature adults; their decision-making abilities are not mature. Young children are unpredictable-they run into the street without stopping to consider the danger. Many pedestrian injuries to children happen in the afternoon hours after school and in the early evening, when children typically are outside playing.

You probably remember the joy of riding a bicycle, especially in the summertime when school was out and the days were long. The wind felt great in your hair and on your face. You had freedom to go from one place to another all on your own. But that freedom comes with a potential hazard: bicycles are associated with more childhood injuries than any other consumer product except automobiles.

Are you the parent, guardian or concerned family member of a child who has been injured in a car accident, school bus accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, or truck accident in Virginia? If so, there are important things you need to know [LINK TO FAQ] to help that injured child and protect his or her legal rights. If a driver of a car, bus, or truck was at fault, was negligent and injured a child, or caused her death in an accident, crash, or collision, you should act immediately and contact a Virginia child pedestrian and bicycle injury lawyer whom you can trust to protect the rights of the injured child or their family. The Rohrstaff Law Firm helps injured children and their families. Contact us at . . .


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