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Every nursing home and assisted living facility should train their staff to be able to prevent bed sores from forming.

Your loved one in a nursing home or assisted-living facility should be checked from head to toe for pressure sores every day if he or she is bedridden or immobile (due to diabetes, circulation problems, incontinence, mental disabilities, e.g.)

Ask the caregivers what they look for when they check your loved one's body. Their answer should include such things as reddened areas that do not turn white when pressure is applied, as well as blisters, sores, or craters. They should know what areas are especially prone to developing pressure sores, and they should be looking in those places.

Ask them if they are doing the following:

  • · Changing your elderly loved one's position every two hours to relieve pressure.
  • · Using pressure-reducing items such as pillows, sheepskin, foam padding, or powders
  • · Making sure your elderly resident is eating well-balanced meals with enough calories to keep her healthy

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