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Injuries and Wrongful DeathInjuries and Wrongful Death


We represent people who have been injured in different ways: vehicle accidents (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles); medical and  dental mistakes (called "malpractice") and nursing home errors (another form of medical malpractice). 


A "wrongful death" is a death caused by the wrongdoing of another person. In the practice of law, the phrase "wrongful death" refers to the result of someone's carelessness rather than to the carelessness itself. That is, wrongful death cases can come from any sort of injury case like those listed above.

The wrongdoer can be a drunk driver, the owner of a hauling company who has not made sure the brakes on the dump truck work, a speeding driver who is text messaging while driving down the highway, or the owner of a business that stacks its product so high that it falls on someone walking by. Any death caused by this kind of careless behavior is a wrongful death.

Wrongful death can happen to children, to the elderly, and to anyone in between. It can be caused by the actions of doctors, drivers, governments, manufacturers, and property owners.

Lawyers who represent families whose loved ones have died due to the carelessness of another person must know and understand the special laws that apply to wrongful death cases.

Injuries to ChildrenInjuries to Children

A happy childhood can be stolen in many ways:

  • car accidents,
  • injuries caused by inattentive or abusive adults,
  • burns from unsafe products,
  • dog bites,
  • unfenced pools,
  • pools with unsafe drains,
  • pools with inattentive lifeguards,
  • windows with screens that give way,
  • unsafe toys,
  • unsafe cribs,
  • unsafe car seats. 

 These dangers can cause brain injury, disfigurement, disability and even death.

Elder NeglectElder Neglect

Just as children need strong supporters, so too do the elderly. When an aging loved one needs care that he or she cannot get at home, a family may decide to place their loved one in a nursing home or assisted-living facility where they can get the attention and care they need. One's later years should be filled with comfort, and one's health during these years should be tended to carefully. Unfortunately, the truth for some of our elderly is different. Many of our elderly who live in inadequately staffed nursing homes or assisted-living facilities suffer severe injuries and death caused by neglect that results in malnutrition, dehydration, pressure sores, falls, or medication errors, all of which could have and should have been prevented. If you are a family member, friend, guardian, guardian ad litem, judge, or health-care provider, or if you or someone you know is responsible for an elderly person living in a nursing home or assisted-living facility who has been injured or who has died, call the Rohrstaff Law Firm.

Dental and Medical Malpractice

Doctors, dentists, hospitals, chiropractors, physical therapists -- and other kinds of health care professionals are part of the healing professions. Their job is to help us get better if they can and to make us comfortable if they cannot heal us.  They are not supposed to injure us through their carelessness. When the doctor leaves a foreign object in your body that then gets infected, or a nurse in a hospital gives you the wrong medication or drops you, or the dentist ignores the worsening infection and you lose part of your jaw bone, or the chiropractor causes a spinal injury, you may need a lawyer's help to hold the health care professional accountable for his negligence.