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Injuries and Wrongful Death can have devastating effects on family members.

Look around. There are more cars and trucks and motorcycles on the roads today than ever before. And, there continue to be injuries and deaths on our highways because drivers are out there doing really stupid, careless things. Have you seen people - young and old - talking on their cell phones or texting or even READING while driving?

Sometimes those cars and trucks are driven by careless people who severely injure or cause the death of people who are walking (pedestrians) or riding bicycles. We shouldn't have to take our lives in our own hands every time we cross a street or walk down a sidewalk or ride our bikes. Children are especially vulnerable when walking or biking.

An experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer can help the family through the terrible time. Contact the Rohrstaff Law Firm at 703-260-6070 or through the contact form on the website or by emailing [email protected].

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