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When the Bough Breaks: What Every Parent Should Know About Children's Injuries

When the Bough Breaks

When we sang Rock-a-bye Baby to our small children, we likely were not thinking of what would happen if they were seriously injured.


Here are some comments we received from people who have read the book:


The love of a mother, the skill of a trial lawyer and the experience of both, make When the Bough Breaks the must-have guide for protecting your children.

Mary Lynn Tate, Fellow, International Academy of Trial Lawyers; Co-Director of the National Trial Advocacy College at the Univ. of Va.; national speaker; former President of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.


Sandra, You are a magnificent combination of world class legal knowledge and true compassion for your clients and their families.  When The Bough Breaks is an incredible gift to us as parents, and to our communities.  Thank you for caring and for writing!

Sincerely, Laura Probert MPT, Bodyworks Physical Therapy


You may not need this book right now, you may think you will never need this book (and I hope you’re right), but read it anyway, so if your child or another child you know and care about is injured, you will already have some wisdom to help them or yourself. This book will teach you how to speak for your child after an injury so you can get back to what is most important: your child’s recovery. 

Bonus: the book has some of Sandra’s blogs from her web site: VirginiaChildInjuryLawyer.com.

Heather Cochran, Alexandria, Virginia

Inside When the Bough Breaks, Alexandria personal injury lawyer Sandra Rohrstaff answers questions parents have about preventing injury and what to do after their child is injured.


1.       Find out how to figure out the limitations period for child injury cases (see page 32 – 34)

2.       Find out how to tell if your child has suffered a traumatic brain injury (see pages 45 – 53)

3.       Don’t be misled by signing a pre-injury release form on behalf of your child (see pages 107-109)

4.       Find valuable resources of injured children (see pages 111 – 122)



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