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You've Been Injured.  It's Not Your Fault.  You're Back Is Killing You.  Now What?

You've Been Injured. It's Not Your Fault. Now What?

Here are some comments we have received from people who have read the book:

I recently read Now What? which detailed what one should do, and equally important, what one should NOT do if involved in an automobile accident. It was informative, well written, and easy to understand. Every person who gets behind the wheel should have this information, Call the firm for your copy. It's well to be prepared.

I loved the book! Could you please send me another one? I want to give one to my daughter who is just beginning to drive.

I am an agent for [name of insurance company]. Sandra gave me a copy of her book to read and evaluate. I told her it contains good information, and I asked her for a couple of copies to give to my clients. I even recommended that a client who had some questions after an accident get in touch with her.

Inside Now What? Alexandria personal injury lawyer Sandra Rohrstaff explains the mistakes drivers often make after an accident. She gives you valuable information such as:

  1. Tips for dealing with insurance company adjusters (see page 39)
  2. Common insurance adjuster tactics (see pages 6 - 10)
  3. Common mistakes that can wreck your injury case (see pages 13, 17, 21, 23)
  4. How to find the best lawyer for you (see page 32)




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