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Injuries and Wrongful Death

Injuries to Children

Elder Neglect - General

  • Getting answers to your nursing home questions: Guide for Consumer Participation: Regardless of whether the nursing home you are considering or the one where your elderly loved one resides is a member of the Advancing Excellence Campaign, this document gives you lots of useful information and guidance in finding the right place for your loved one and for monitoring what happens while she is a resident in the nursing home.
  • Getting answers to your nursing home questions: Consumer Tip Sheet: Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes is a national campaign to improve the quality of care and life for people receiving care in nursing homes.
  • National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care: Founded in 1975 out of concern with substandard care in long-term care facilities, Consumer Voice is the leading national voice representing consumers in issues related to long term care helping to ensure that consumers are empowered to advocate for themselves. It is a primary source of information and tools for consumers, families, caregivers, advocates and ombudsmen to help ensure quality care for the individual.
  • Virginia Department for the Aging: This website has links to many helpful resources.The links are listed alphabetically so they are easy to locate.

Elder Neglect - Complaints

  • Consumer Complaint Report: If you want to file a formal complaint with the Virginia Department of Health, you will need to mail or fax a Consumer Complaint Report, along with any supporting documents, to:

    Complaint Intake
    Office of Licensure and Certification
    Virginia Department of Health
    9960 Maryland Drive, Suite 401
    Richmond, VA 23233-1463
    Telephone: (804) 367-2106
    Toll Free: 1-800-955-1819
    Fax: (804) 527-4503

    You can also report neglect or abuse by telephone by calling the Virginia Department of Health.

Elder Neglect - Falls

  • Biomedcenter Health Services Resources: Fall-related injuries in a nursing home setting: is polypharmacy a risk factor? This article reinforces the importance of routine medication reviews, especially in residents exposed to polypharmacy regimens, to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries during nursing home stays.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control: This web site has facts about falls among older adults, including falls in nursing homes, their causes and prevention. Importantly, the web site cites studies that conclude that restraints do not lower the risk of falls, and that they can actually increase the risk of fall-related injuries and death.

Elder Neglect - Malnutrition and Dehydration

  • Journals of Gerontology: "Improving Food Intake in Nursing Home Residents with Feeding Assistance: A Staffing Analysis" concludes that the time required to implement feeding assistance greatly exceeded the time nursing staff spent assisting nursing home residents in usual mealtime care conditions.

Elder Neglect - Medication Errors

  • American Medical Directors Association: "Reducing Medication Errors in Nursing Homes" describes the types of medication errors and their causes and suggests strategies for improvement.
  • Interruptions Increase the Risk of Medication Errors: Association of Interruptions with an Increased Risk and Severity of Medication Administration Errors. This empirical study of nurses at two hospitals concluded that the occurrence and frequency of interruptions were significantly associated with the incidence of procedural failures and clinical errors.
  • Medication Aide Factsheet Resident Safety and Medication Errors: Factsheet gives information on the problem of medication errors and an overview of studies on frequency and causes of nursing home and hospital medication errors.
  • Medication Errors Plague Nursing Home Residents: This article from the Boston Globe reports on a study that suggests the problem of medication errors in nursing homes is far more widespread than previously estimated. The study found that 73 percent of the most severe injuries were preventable medication errors.

Elder Neglect - Pressure Sores