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My first call to the Rohrstaff Law Firm was immediately helpful and insightful about the personal injury claims process, and they could not have been more gracious and responsive to my endless number of questions.  Soon after, I received their great booklet, Now What?, which is a “must have” for anyone trying to navigate the many issues of a personal injury claim and doesn’t know what to do next.  This first impression has been a lasting one.  Perhaps most significant is that both Ms. Rohrstaff and her staff make your best interest their priority.  The firm’s Litigation Paralegal, Janelle Blanchette, from day one has helped in countless ways, for which I am very grateful!  Kudos to the Rohrstaff Law Firm! 


I have nothing but the highest praises for the Rohrstaff Law Firm.  My experience with Sandra Rohrstaff and Janelle Blanchette were truly top-rate.

My son was seriously injured at 3 years old and during a long and arduous 2-year legal battle, the Rohrstaff Law Firm continued to keep me updated at every turn and ensured that I was always informed of any and all options available to my son and myself.  Their personal touch always made me feel like my son was just as important as a member of their own family and not just another faceless client.  Sandra fought long and hard to personally guarantee that my son was properly compensated for his injury and not once did I have to worry that my child’s physical and emotional pains were in vain.

I would highly recommend the legal services of the Rohrstaff Law Firm to anyone who has been injured and does not want to face the insurance companies alone.  Sandra Rohrstaff and her team have been more than my son’s attorneys…they have been a true friend holding our hand the entire way through this experience.

Meagen H., Newport News, VA

Thank you on behalf of our family for being an advocate for our dad.  I know that the more time went on, the more you got to know dad through us.  It meant a lot to us that you were both professionally and emotionally committed to see justice done for our dad.

Thank you for always being available to talk with us whenever we had questions.  We appreciate your patience, kindness, warmth and compassion.  You were genuinely concerned for our family and for what we were going through.

Chris E., Keswick, VA

Thank you for your representation of our family during a recent lawsuit.  You came highly recommended to us and you lived up to our expectations.  You are very knowledgeable and kind, and the two of those qualities together proved to be very comforting and reassuring.

Thank you for keeping us informed throughout the process and making yourself available when we needed information or just needed to talk.

We will recommend you to others that are in need of competent, legal counsel.  Thank you again for all your help and hard work.

Patricia F., NY

In a world full of people who are dishonest, untrustworthy and don't care about others, our family considers itself extremely lucky that we found Sandra Rohrstaff to work with. She is the kind of attorney that everyone is looking for. Honest, full of integrity and lets her clients know she cares about them by standing up for them in ways that they cannot. This is what advocacy was meant to be. It has truly been a pleasure for me and my family to work with you.

You have always been there with clarity and information concerning what we would be facing in the courts and we have felt that you were our advocate and adviser in the best sense of the word. We had a complex case and you spoke to each one of our family members so they would understand the ramifications of what we were about to do in the courts. This helped so much.

You were always truthful and yet our family always felt that the case was in our hands as well as yours. In a world where decency and honesty are hard to find, you were all this and more. Thank you for being there and I would have no reservations in recommending you to anyone who needs a great attorney. I wish there were more of you.

Suzanne S., CT

I'm doing what I believe to be the right thing to help someone. Anytime I have an opportunity to refer a case that I believe may have some merit, I will always think of you.  People need someone who is not just competent but also kind, compassionate and warm-hearted to represent them as they navigate the process of obtaining justice; and I truly believe that's you and that's what I tell them.

Karla J., Woodbridge

I am very grateful for the information Sandra provided me. She understood me and explained to me everything that I needed to hear. If there was something I  didn't understand, she explained it with great detail and even asked if I needed even more information or further details. This was very important to me, because the lawyer I had before told me nothing and I was totally in the dark.

J.H., Woodbridge

At every point during the process, I understood why they were doing something or what else needed to be done, because they would tell me all my options, lay everything out and really get me to understand the law. By coming to the Rohrstaff Law Firm, they really just took everything off my shoulders and let me really be able to see what was going on and step back and have the professional take care of it. 

E.S., Arlington

I felt very comfortable from the first moment I called them, and I knew they would really represent me well. I talked to Janelle, and she sat there and listened to everything I said and really got it. She listened and understood what I was feeling and everything I was going through. They walked me through every step, explained the law and answered questions.

E.S., Arlington

I want to thank you for the fine preparation you provided me for my deposition. It made me relaxed and made the deposition process easier than I expected.

I do very much appreciate the fine work you performed on my behalf.

After receiving your letter concerning the importance of increasing our UM/UIM coverage, I called GEICO to see about increasing our limits. You were right. The change in the cost of the policy to go from limits of $300,000 each person/$300,000 each occurrence to $500,000/$1,000,000 was a cost difference of $14.60 for a 6-month period on 3 cars/2 drivers, or about $30 for the year. Hopefully, we will not have to use it, but the statistics on uninsured motorists are honestly pretty scary. Thanks for informing us!

Mary B., Springfield

I appreciate everything you have done in handling my lawsuit against the drunk driver who crashed into my van. I interviewed a few lawyers about two months after the accident and was not impressed by any of them. A neighbor recommended Sandra as a competent and honest lawyer. However, when I found out that my three-year-old daughter was going to need surgery on her spine due to her injuries from the accident, all the paperwork went into a huge canvas bag and sat there for a year and a half while I concentrated on my daughter's surgery.

Then about six months before the statute of limitations ran out, I started to go through and organize all the medical records and other documents and thought I could submit all the information to the drunk driver's insurance company and the matter would be resolved equitably. I was wrong. I got a huge runaround from both the drunk driver's insurance company and my own. I called Sandra. We set up a meeting and I liked her immediately.

Here was this angry, upset and very, very, very frustrated person. She took the time to really listen to me and explain my options and the legal system. Once I signed the retainer, I felt like a huge burden had been taken from me. I never questioned my decision to hire Sandra throughout the time it took to resolve my case. My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner. I have no hesitation recommending you to anyone who is looking for a great civil lawyer.

Betty G., Springfield

A handshake or hug doesn't seem enough to express my gratitude to you. You listened patiently as I tried to communicate my need to be informed and involved and what all of this meant to me (over and over again). You didn't let me lose hope that what we were fighting for, we could in some ways achieve. Our son was worth the fight. He truly lived his short life believing he could do and be anything. You gave me assurance that this was the right thing to do and advocated for us throughout the process.

Sharon C., Woodbridge

I am so glad this is finally over. With your help, I think we made a difference. I will never forget all you've done, your energy in this thing made a difference.


Carol B., Alexandria

Thanks for your patience and thanks for a job well done!

Marie C., Annandale

Sandra, thanks so much for helping our daughter when she returned from her mission trip in Mexico. She needed treatment for meningitis and the insurance company would not pay for it. She did not know what to do, and you stepped right up and solved the problem. We are so happy that you stood up to the insurance company, and they paid for our daughter's treatment, as they should have in the first place.

Patty B., Alexandria

I really was not anxious to become involved in a court proceeding to recover damages. I was worried that it would be as aggravating as the injury itself. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole process. Every step of the way you were professional, honest, gave me different options and told me the probable results of the options, to the best of your ability. You explained the legal terms and reassured my fears. When I called with a question, someone got back to me with an answer. I am very pleased with your work.

Mary B., Springfield

You guys are something else. You expended great effort for my sons and me, and I really want to thank you. As I've said before, you guys (and entire staff) have been great throughout this whole situation.

Bill W., Centreville

Thank you for all your help. I'm so glad you're on my team.

Sandra C., North Carolina

I appreciate all of your talent an effort on behalf of my case. You are always professional, pleasant and patient in this process.

Lisa S., Great Falls

Thank you. I am so grateful for all the hard work you have put in. You really are good at what you do. You really made a difference.

R.G., McLean