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Sandra Rohrstaff
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Virginia Child Injury and Elder Abuse Attorney

http://www.rohrstafflaw.com/When you are injured in an Alexandria car accident or a loved one suffers from nursing home abuse, you need answers. Sometimes injuries happen to children, leaving many parents confused on what to do first.

In this video, Alexandria personal injury lawyer Sandra Rohrstaff discusses the information that is available on our website. We have articles, frequently asked questions and even a free book that we offer in an attempt to help injury victims find answers. Whether you are dealing with a car accident, wrongful death, nursing home abuse or child injury case, we hope that the information you find on our website will be helpful to you.

If you need additional information or would simply like to talk with an Alexandria personal injury lawyer, all you have to do is call our office at 703-260-6070 or fill out our online contact form. We will be more than happy to review your case and explain your options. We will take the time to listen to your story and provide useful answers.

To learn more about the Rohrstaff Law Firm, we would encourage you to click on the various pages of our website. You should also order a free copy of our book, You've Been Injured. It's Not Your Fault. Now What? http://www.rohrstafflaw.com/reports/youve-been-injured-its-not-your-fault-now-what.cfm