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Did Distracted Driving Cause Your Virginia Car Accident?

Sandra Rohrstaff
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Virginia Child Injury and Elder Abuse Attorney

http://www.rohrstafflaw.com/Think driving under the influence is bad? Distracted driving is just as dangerous. It is so hazardous, in fact, that in Virginia texting and driving is now considered a traffic offense.

If you cause an Alexandria car accident or someone else hits you, don't be surprised if your cell phone records are reviewed. If it is found that you were texting at the time of the crash, you could be charged with an offense or you could lose your case.

When you are distracted, it becomes a lot more difficult to avoid road hazards. Simply looking down for a few seconds can lead to a serious crash. Even as tempting as it might be, don't use your cell phone while driving. To take it even further, avoid any distraction that is going to take your eyes and mind off the driving task at hand.

If you have been injured in an Alexandria car accident, don't wait to talk with an attorney. There are many things that could negatively impact your case, so you need to seek legal advice as soon as you can.

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