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The Rohrstaff Law Firm

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More than a Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

Sandra Rohrstaff
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Virginia Child Injury and Elder Abuse Attorney

http://www.rohrstafflaw.com/"In my law firm, I'm the lawyer." Working with a knowledgeable Alexandria personal injury attorney is one thing, and it is important, but working with a team can be even more valuable.

At Rohrstaff Law Firm, you not only get the opportunity to work directly with Sandra Rohrstaff, you also have access to our very experienced litigation paralegal. Together, as a team, we will help you recover the compensation that you and your family so deserve.

When you come to our office, you will get the chance to know us and we will get the chance to know you. The great thing about working with our law firm is that you have multiple people working on your case to ensure your success.

To find out how we can help you with your situation, whether it involves a Virginia auto accident or child injury, simply call our office at 703-260-6070. We will be more than happy to take the time to answer your questions and explain your options.

Be sure to order a free copy of Alexandria personal injury attorney Sandra Rohrstaff's must-read book, You've Been Injured. It's Not Your Fault. Now What? It is one book that you need to read before proceeding with your injury claim. http://www.rohrstafflaw.com/practice_areas/car-truck-and-motorcycle-accidents.cfm