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The Worst Thing You Can Do After a Virginia Car Accident

Sandra Rohrstaff
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Virginia Child Injury and Elder Abuse Attorney

There are often a lot of misconceptions following a Virginia car accident. People sometimes don't know what to do and what NOT TO DO.

One of the most common mistakes, according to Alexandria car accident attorney Sandra Rohrstaff, is talking to the insurance adjuster. In general, people just want to be helpful. So, when the insurance adjuster asks certain questions or requests various documentations, people usually do not hesitate to provide the information. Even if you think the accident wasn't your fault, you still need to be careful. Giving the insurance adjuster everything he or she asks for could be detrimental to your case.

The best thing you can do after a car crash is to contact an experienced lawyer. A Virginia injury lawyer will be able to review your case and give you advice on how to proceed. She can also step in on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company.

If you have questions that need answers, contact the Rohrstaff Law Firm at 703-260-6070. Be sure to order our free book, You've Been Injured. It's Not Your Fault. Now What?